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Why Should This Be Number 1 Priority?

For New Hires & Seasoned Team members

Identify top talent

Make your interviewing and hiring process 90% faster without compromising on quality with pre-interview testing. Make your criteria clearer and fairer focusing purely on skills.

Customizable & Scalable

Testing is fully customizable to fit your testing and business needs.
From 1 to 1000 tests we are ready to support you at scale.

Identify people who can help you expand

Testing is a powerful method to find people who are capable of forming new and specialized teams to help you to expand your operations and sales.

Identify people who can be redeployed/relocated

Have a new office to staff? Need to send staff to meet a client overseas? With our testing you can easily find the best people for any task.

Identify Leaders & Managers

Language testing is an amazing tool for discovering who already has the communication skills needed to manage international teams.


The CV. is not always correct when it comes to language skills and switching to English half way trough the interview is not best practice. Let our professional examiners give you the most accurate results.

Identify new tasks staff can do!

From our testing you can find more out about what your staff can do, so you can save time and money on recruiting new hires.

Culturally Sensitive

Find people who can adapt their approach to different cultures whilst being creative. Our tasks are designed to see if people can be international thinkers and doers.

Hire Remote Workers

Great for checking who can integrate the best and who can operate the best with less supervision.

Training Plan Intel

Great as a tool for finding out who needs extra help and support with their English skills and which skills should be prioritized for the company training plan.

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4 Free Candidate Tests

Find out today what your candidates and staff ‘Can Do’ in English!

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We Use the CEFR. Level System!

Common European Framework of Reference developed by Cambridge University and the European Commision.

  • Internationally preferred method of testing
  • 6 levels of proficiency of global Business English communication
  • Easier to apply and implement to real world operations and growth plans.

Our Standard Process Is as easy as… 1,2,3

Candidate Enrolment

Candidates are onboarded efficiently, we offer both a ‘self-sign up’ option and a ‘done for you’ option. Our team then takes over all instructions and communications with the candidates.


Candidate Testing Includes:

1. Speaking & Listening Assessment With Native English Examiner

2. Reading & Writing Email/Report Assignments (5 Tasks)

3. CEFR Level Placement Test
(60 Questions/20 Minutes)

4. Training Needs & Aptitude for Learning Assessment

= 2 hours (total average completion time)


Detailed Report & Certificate

You will receive a detailed and comprehensive report evaluating the candidates performance, skills and current CEFR Level.

Within 24 hours of the candidate completing phase 2 (above)


Meet Us & Get Started
100% Risk Free Testing Trial

4 Free Candidate Tests

Find out today what your candidates and staff ‘Can Do’ in English!

Let’s Do It!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the tests be customized?

Sure, when you meet with us, your Account Manager will go through the customization options we can offer based on the skills you would like to test for. Everything is fully customizable and we work closely with our clients to achieve satisfaction.

When should we test in our recruitment proces?

Some clients choose to test at the beginning of their process.
As our tests and reports contain a high level of detail we recommend testing in the middle and near the end of the process. We work with our clients to work out the best time to add testing into their workflows.

Do you offer discounts for subscriptions?

Yes, sure! Your Account Manager will be happy to discuss our payment plans with you.

Can we see a sample of the full testing report?

We can offer you a sample, please schedule a meeting with your Account Manager and they will be happy to share with you an example.

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100% Risk Free Testing Trial

Find out today what your candidates and staff ‘Can Do’ in English!

4 Free Candidate Tests