Complimentary Online English Training
Topic: Leading Performance Reviews

Every company has different names for performance reviews. Some call them appraisals or one on ones.
Regardless of the name they accomplish many things.
They seek to enable dialog, providing managers, members and other stakeholders the opportunity to openly discuss, clarify and document.

Nowadays, due to the rise in homeworking and global teams, it has become more and more commonplace for appraisals to take place between managers and members who may not share the same native language, be from the same country or have the same culture.

We bring you this complimentary training to help with bridging the gap!

Learning Objectives

By the end of this training class, students will be able to:

Talk About Performance Reviews

Evaluate Performance

Raise Issues & Discuss Resources

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Training Details



Learn English Mate’s Online Platform



18th November 2022 – Many times available


Class Duration

90 Minutes


Levels Welcome

All Levels Welcome

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Why should your staff join this free training?

Did you know that $63M is collectively lost by companies due to language barriers and communication breakdowns. English training can really help your company to:

  • Expand Into New Markets & Sell More
  • Increase Creativity & Collaboration
  • Redeploy, Restructure, Relocate Staff Easier

You’re in good company…


Our Top Trainers!

Apart from having at least 7 years experience, our teachers hold a bachelors, masters and professional teaching qualifications…

  • Most modern materials and practices lead by industry experienced trainers
  • Native English Teachers from UK, USA, Canada etc.
  • Communicative and Immersive teaching methods


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this training for?

This training is for any Non-native English speaking professional who has to communicate using English at work or in a business settling.

How do we apply for our staff?

Please fill in your name and work email to apply then you will receive further registration instructions.

How does the training work?

Once you are registered as the company contact person you will be able to allocate staff to join the training on our platform. The training will involve speaking, listening, reading and writing activities delivered through roleplays and other leading methods.

Why is the training scheduled for a later date?

We have scheduled this training for a later date in order to allow our clients to get authorization and sign ups in time, so no one misses out.

What Will Students Receive?



90 Minute Live Class

CEFR Level Test

Subject Book (Vocabulary, Grammar & Phrases etc.)

CEFR Comprehensive Report & Certificate


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