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Why should your company learn English?

Did you know that $63M is collectively lost by companies due to language barriers and communication breakdowns. English training can really help your company to:

  • Expand Into New Markets & Sell More
  • Increase Creativity & Collaboration
  • Redeploy, Restructure, Relocate Staff Easier

Why Learn English Mate

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Meet us to find out why Fortune 500 Companies lose $63M/year and why English is there number 1 training priority.

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Our Amazing Trainers!

Apart from having at least 7 years experience, our teachers hold a bachelors, masters and professional teaching qualifications…

  • Most modern materials and practices lead by industry experienced trainers
  • Native English Teachers from UK, USA, Canada etc.
  • Communicative and Immersive teaching methods

Popular Course Areas

Course areas can be mixed or offered independently.
All our courses offer applicable face to face to classes and multimedia E-learning modules.
Allowing students to master the 4 skills of the language.

Strategy Session

Meet us to find out why English is so important and how it can benefit your organization.

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Included In Every Course

1:1 & Group Face to Face Classes

Students can learn 1:1 or in group classes with a teacher in our very own virtual classroom. Live classes focus mainly on speaking & listening, they are interactive, engaging and students are encouraged to speak as much as possible. They are given constructive feedback continually.

Video Courses & Practice

Students can practice listening, reading and have access to our special video courses from real sources. we have over 5000 hours of exclusive content. On our web and mobile app.

World English Mate Simulator ™

We have a hidden feature we can not say a lot about it but if you meet with us we will demo it for you to show you the full power it has and why students love it.

Company Training Plans

We will prepare a personalized training plan outlining the courses and their learning objectives for you and your company. Our customer success managers will help you with meeting your learning objectives as an organization.

Learner Training Plans

Every student receives a tailor made learning plan when they join us. During our onboarding phase we collect information from our students so we can support them to reach their personal goals as well as the company’s learning goals.

Customized & Detailed Course Reporting

As your company contact person, you will receive a detailed report every month detailing the activities, achievements and feedback for of all your staff enrolled with us. You will also be informed as soon as students complete a formal assessment.

Customer Success Managers

They Work with our clients providing detailed feedback, reports and analytics regarding performance.  Support clients with their company learning plans and with implementing new training ops. with Learn English Mate.

24/7 Customer Support

Classes are available 24/7 which makes it great for students who would like to study in the day time, evening, weekend or at night. Flexibility is what sets us apart.

Learner Success Managers

They Work closely with students to tailor their learning experiences, keep them focused and motivated. They are also responsible for recording student satisfaction.

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Meet us to find out why 71% of executives agreed that English needs to be nurtured in any organization.

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Return On Investment

Students take a placement test when they get started to find their current English proficiency level. Our courses are guaranteed to move students up the levels and we can prove results at every step.

CEFR Placement Test

Every student is tested on arrival and receives:

  • Business English Live Role Play Assessments
  • Business Writing Assignment
  • Business English Grammar & Vocabulary Assessment
  • Business English Needs / Psychometric Assessment
  • Comprehensive Report, Certification & Skills Insights
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We check progress at every stage of the learning journey and important milestones. On completion, all results are sent to you as soon as possible in a comprehensive report.

Performance Checking Measures

We use the following methods to check progress:

  • Live Class Teacher Feedback
  • Online Chapter Quizzes
  • Business Writing Assignments
  • Half Course Presentation or Exam
  • End Course Presentation or Exam
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