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Learner Success Manager

Our students receive a personalised service and we work closely with you. Therefore, with LEM, you can see the results at every step. We offer a dedicated 24/7 service.

All Levels Welcome

All proficiency levels are welcome.
We have a course for everyone. Moreover, our material is endorsed by both Oxford & Cambridge University. 

Outstanding Process

For the best results, we use the best technology in the market to be efficient so we can fit with your schedule. So, no more travelling to class, take a class in 30 minutes.

Most Qualified
Native English Teachers

We have taught TV. Presenters,
C-Suite Executives and Dutch Royal Family Members. Additionally, our service is high quality, our teachers are dedicated and all our students come first.

Personal Study Plan & Reports

Receive a personal study plan tailored to your needs. Receive fast and detailed feedback for assignments, classes & tasks.
Soon you will feel more confident to push yourself to the next level.


Your course is tailored to your learning goals and your future. Therefore, your communications will improve and there will be no more barriers stopping you from communicating with any English speaker.

Course Assessments


Level Checker

Take a level checker placement test when you get started to find out your current English proficiency level.

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Progress Checker

We check your progress at every stage of your learning journey and important milestones.

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End Level Checker

We use the following methods to check your progress: assignments, quizzes and presentations 

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